Dance show Coming soon 2020 at Sir Walter Roy Theatre, Hewett School, Norwich 


  Dance/Activity workshop Wednesday 17th Feb 2020 9.30-2.30pm Great fun learn different genres and mini performance at the end of the day Streetdance/Breakdance, Musical theatre and much more

  Please Book Limited Spaces available



Starz uk September 14th/15th September Essex 2020

IDTA Examinations October 2019 Street/Cheer 

ICE Cheer and Dance Stoke Dec 7th 2019

Starz Uk Nationals October 26th 2019

Nationals Stars of the Future February 21st and,22nd February 2019

Follow your Dreams May 9th/10th 2020 Dartford

Incredibly Cool Events Cheer Big Chill 6th/7th June 2020 Peterborough

All Competitions and Shows have been posponed until further notice